In a move that sets a new standard for speed-to-market in the data center industry, NxGen Modular, a specialty manufacturer of modular mission-critical buildings and assemblies, has completed the installation of more than 1MW of power in five days. Installed for a leading data center provider’s newest facility, this pace-setting installation speed was accomplished using a cutting edge delivery method along with the company’s signature “NxPower” electrical room module.

“Speed to market has become the differentiating factor for bringing these facilities on board,” said Bruce Baxter, Vice President of Operations for San Jose-based NxGen Modular. “We are currently implementing ‘next-generation’ techniques which are now the fastest and most reliable means of building data centers. This electrical module only requires five days for onsite installation. We have never seen or heard of anyone putting this much power in place this fast.”

The NxPower electrical module delivers more than 1MW of uninterrupted power, backed up with 2N redundancy. For added flexibility and better utilization of existing space, modules can be installed inside or outside an existing building and can be deployed to data centers around the world.

“It took us less than 12 hours to offload and place the three modules inside a 2,100-sq-ft room on the data center construction site,” said Baxter. “The additional four days were needed to reconnect the electrical equipment and prepare for testing.”

In comparison, he explained, a project of this size would normally require more than a month of onsite work.

“I’ve never seen a power source of this magnitude installed so quickly and efficiently,” said John Larsen of DPR Construction, the general contractor responsible for the project. “One day, the room is empty. NxGen shows up, and the next day that room is packed to capacity. It’s really amazing how little on-site work was needed for the entire process and how cleanly everything was completed.”