ncology selected DataSite Orlando for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which will enable the company to grow its business while protecting its critical IT systems along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, 21stCentury Oncology is a leading developer and operator of radiation therapy centers with 98 centers throughout the United States.

“Each of our clients comes to us with different needs and requirements,” said Rob Wilson, Director of Sales and Marketing for DataSite Orlando. “As a premier, world class data center, DataSite Orlando has the size, services, and flexibility to provide customized solutions for each client.”

DataSite Orlando offers clients one of the highest levels of security in the United States. The facility, located in the center of Florida, features a roof resistant to hurricane-force winds of up to 160 mph, no windows, and eight-inch thick concrete walls reinforced with steel. The building is built up an extra eight feet above surrounding land, with bermed walls and sump pumps designed to pull water away from the building and into one of four facility-dedicated retention ponds.