Server Technology, Inc. has announced a complete integration of Sentry Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs) and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) with the FieldView Solutions' software platform for managing all aspects of the data center. This integration allows FieldView users to instantly gather and display data center device and rack level power, temperature, and humidity information by way of Server Technology's Smart or Switched CDUs. With the ability to measure, monitor, and report power down to the rack or outlet level, this solution follows the Green Grid's recommendations for acquiring the most accurate power monitoring data.

"Accurate real-time power and environmental information at the device, cabinet, rows of cabinets, zones or the whole facility is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve the upmost level of data center power efficiency, and just as important is the capability to do it quickly and hassle free," said Brandon Ewing, President of Server Technology. "When you have multiple CDUs in your data center, it can be difficult to manage them individually. If an alarm trips or something changes, you want to know and be able to locate it instantly within your facility. Sentry Power Manager allows a single pane view for the CDUs while FieldView [Solutions] brings along all the other pieces of the infrastructure to a location where they can be handled effectively," said Ewing.

This close coupled integration is made possible by using the Sentry Power Manager's API (Application Programming Interface) allowing users to retrieve data from the Sentry Power Manager device management system. The Sentry Power Manager API can be used to import power and environmental data into other important business applications, such as: Building management systems, Billing systems, Data center design, and Green data center planning.

"We are very excited about this extension of our long standing relationship with Server Technology," said FieldView CEO Fred Dirla. "Unlike many of the recent announcements in the industry where firms with competing feature sets appear to be forcing partnerships for a marketing benefit, we believe the natural synergy of our combined offering provides a powerful integrated solution to one of the biggest challenges facing data center operators around the world. Driving energy and cost efficiency into a data center operation requires both the collection of large amounts of real-time energy data and the ability to analyze this data accurately and consistently. This partnership empowers users to take their operations to the next level," said Dirla.

How the Server Technology/FieldView Solution Works

Server Technology and FieldView Solutions deployed into a data center can help achieve the following goals: branch circuit monitoring, capacity planning, performance management, alarm notification when power or environmental exceed user defined thresholds, and more. This information directly correlates to the overall ROI and business management side of the data center.

The Sentry Power Manager API provides detailed power infrastructure layout, monitoring, and control to your application. The Sentry Power Manager API uses the industry standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) for exchanging information. The SOAP interface allows for easy communications through proxies and firewalls as it is transported over HTTP. SOAP is also language and platform independent, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications. For those looking for a simple interface for quick data exchange, a Representational State Transfer (REST) API is also provided. Sentry Power Manager is a highly flexible system that can integrate in a variety of ways, or it can be used as a stand-alone global monitoring and management tool.

The Server Technology/FieldView Solutions integration combines dependable power distribution, network power monitoring and remote environmental monitoring with an incredibly powerful real-time data collection and database engine. FieldView Solutions has built-in features that allow data center managers to track and manage a large number of IT devices and supporting infrastructure to maximize efficiency and utilize available resources. FieldView Solutions allow users to gather and instantly display the large amounts of instantaneous data points being measured at any time in the data center and present them in a 100% browser based application. Rolling up the data points gathered from multiple Server Technology CDUs into FieldView Solutions will allow for quick and easy access to the power information needed to make critical business decisions. FieldView's experience monitoring Server Technology's CDUs spans several years with thousands of devices monitored across the globe and hundreds of millions of data points stored in FieldView's data warehouse for its Fortune 100 clients.

All Server Technology CDUs with network capability can be viewed within FieldView's software. Integration with Sentry Switched CDUs also allow customers to reboot locked up or unresponsive devices, along with turning off unused outlets to ensure devices are properly installed for redundancy or that the circuit is not over loaded. The Sentry Switched POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) CDU line also allows for power monitoring on the individual outlet/device level.