Phoenix NAP®, a next generation datacenter and network access point, announced today it is open and operating. Construction initially began in June of 2009, and during the past year, the building has been developed into a premier Phoenix colocation facility.

“One of the things we set out to do was create a datacenter that could meet today’s high capacity, data-intensive needs and provide enough scalability for future IT requirements. The high density colocation space we can offer helps to address the market demand, and the infrastructure and designs of Phoenix NAP ensure long-term viability,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP.

“Since their ground breaking just one year ago, Phoenix NAP has helped grow the local economy with added jobs and it is driving continued growth of the city's high tech sector," said Councilman Michael Johnson. “Their grand opening is great news for Phoenix residents and the high tech industry.”

Featuring 90,000 sq ft of available colocation space that can deliver 200 W/sq ft or more to racks, Phoenix NAP incorporates several designs to optimize uptime, including a 2N capable power system and a bi-directional closed water loop.

“Both the power and cooling systems are designed with multiple redundancies and concurrent maintainability, meaning maintenance can be performed on any part(s) of the systems without requiring the entire distribution chain to be taken offline. We realize a lot of people may look at Phoenix as a site for disaster recovery or business continuity services, and our infrastructure reinforces those types of solutions,” said McClarty.

Phoenix NAP is also a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validated services provider and a carrier neutral datacenter. It is a SAS 70 Type I certified facility, and Type II certification is expected to follow after six months of operation.