US Rack Distributors, a distributor of innovative rackmount technology, has partnered with Silentium, developer of Active Noise Control technology, to revolutionize IT work environments.

“US Rack Distributors only works with manufacturers who provide the most innovative and highest quality quiet rack technologies on the market,” says Bob Alexander, CEO of US Rack Distributors. “Silentium's engineering, research, and marketing strategy fit perfectly with our concept of the ideal partner.”

US Rack Distributors will distribute Silentium’s AcoustiRACK ACTIVE (ARA) soundproof server rack and the active silencer fan trays, as well as other data center products that serve as an alternative to server rooms. With equipment like the ARA, servers and network switches can be located in general office space, reducing infrastructure design, building, and maintenance costs as well as energy costs from dedicated cooling equipment.

Silentium's "Silence in a Chip" technology is embedded in the ARA, which reduces noise by up to 30dB(A) as it dissipates up to 8kW of heat. The ARA significantly decreases exposure to the disruption, distraction, and stress of noise pollution, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing cooling and general operational costs. When an IT department moves its servers into an ARA cabinet, the organization can completely shut down the server room, reclaim the space, and lower their electric bills.

“Partnering with US Rack Distributors will allow us to benefit from their significant market presence and the strength of their dealer and distribution network,” says Silentium CEO Yossi Barath. “Working together, we will be able to more widely demonstrate the benefits of Active Noise Control and how it can revolutionize employee work areas as well as save a company significant amount of money.”