The Server Design Summit program will provide attendees with practical information on the current state of servers and their hardware, software, applications, management, and operation. It consists of three full-day workshops:
  • Energy-Efficient Servers and Datacenters
  • Increasing Server Performance
  • Servers for Cloud Computing
Topics of interest include:
  • Server hardware and software
  • Server virtualization/consolidation
  • Saving energy
  • Power and cooling issues
  • High-availability systems
  • Solid state drives
  • Multicores and multiprocessing
  • Blade Servers
  • Storage and networking interfaces
  • High-performance computing
  • Open specifications and standards
  • Security
  • Microservers
  • Cloud computing
The Summit is open to everyone involved in the design, development, integration, marketing, use, or support of servers, or related hardware, software, or services. Proposals should be sent using theonline submission form. A copy of the paper or visuals for publication in the Conference Proceedings must be provided by October 29, 2010.