In preparation for the Data Center Dynamics (DCD) show in San Francisco on July 16th, Modius has created a practical eGuide for data center monitoring, entitled “9 Questions to Ask When Implementing a Real-Time Monitoring System for Data Center Optimization.”

The guide provides discussion topics for operators and managers to ask before implementing a data center monitoring solution. Questions include:
  • Is the system distributed and scalable for multi-site monitoring?
  • Does the system include universal device coverage & vendor neutrality?
  • Does the system include alarm management and reduction?
Attendees with a specific project, and who would like to meet with a project specialist to discuss project objectives should contact a Modius representative or phone the sales department to schedule a meeting (888.323.0066). Modius has design consultants available before, during or after the event, at the Hilton, or its nearby HQ office. To obtain a copy of the eGuide, download the documenthere.