Telx has announced that iRiS Networks, a leading wholesale telecommunications provider headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., has joined the Telx Ethernet Exchange. Deployed within Telx's data centers in Atlanta and downtown Chicago, iRiS Networks will leverage the Ethernet Exchange servi ce to expand its wholesale Ethernet service delivery footprint and explore new opportunities with other Exchange members in these locations.

iRiS Networks is a wholesale telecommunications carrier that fulfills the previously unmet need for secure, reliable broadband access for voice, video and data services throughout all of Tennessee and parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky, with seamless access to regional and national markets. The company provides broadband services over a 100 percent fiber optic network to competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), wireless providers, long distance companies and Internet service providers, with the long-haul capacity to accommodate national carriers. iRiS Networks facilitates wireless backhaul services for CLECs and regional providers in need of a reliable, cost-effective alternative to the larger carriers.

"Connecting to the Telx Ethernet Exchange in Atlanta and Chicago enables us to add new circuits, putting our wholesale Ethernet services in front of a substantially larger audience," said Richard Ebner, vice president of Sales and Marketing, iRiS Networks. "The Telx Ethernet Exchange is a quick and cost-effective way to transport our services to other key cities we want to be in, without the need to invest in additional hardware and infrastructure. Leveraging the Telx Ethernet Exchange, we are realizing an estimated 50 percent reduction in projected expansion costs."

Telx's carrier-neutral Ethernet Exchange service is available in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These locations, combined with Neutral Tandem's Ethernet Exchange locations through a strategic alliance, deliver the largest Ethernet coverage in the U.S.

"The Telx Ethernet Exchange provides wholesale carriers like iRiS Networks with multiple interconnectivity options that can be used to cost-effectively grow and expand business opportunities locally, regionally, nationally or internationally," said Glenn Calafati, vice president of Interconnection Services for Telx. "With a single connection and ENNI agreement, the Telx Ethernet Exchange delivers direct, reliable access to multiple operators, significantly reducing the time associated with bringing offerings to new markets and customers."