Optimum Lightpath, a market leader in Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses, has established a connection with CENX, operator of the world’s first and most connected Carrier Ethernet exchange. With an initial connection at CENX’s New York exchange, Optimum Lightpath can now expand its reach to connect customers to more than 10 million Ethernet Service Locations worldwide to meet increasing demand for flexible, high-performing, value-based telecommunications services. This service enhancement comes as global organizations, such as those in the financial services sector, look to establish Ethernet-based, low latency and high-bandwidth connections between locations in the New York metro area and key locations around the world.

In 2005, Optimum Lightpath began focusing solely on the delivery of Ethernet-based services for its customers, which include mid-sized to large organizations across finance, healthcare, education, government, media and enterprise. Today, the company’s 100% fiber network extends 4,000 route miles and connects more than 4,000 lit buildings within the New York metro area. The recent connection to CENX’s new New York exchange enables Optimum Lightpath to better serve its customers with national and global locations.

“As a pioneer in the delivery of Ethernet-based services in the New York metro area, Optimum Lightpath constantly evaluates new opportunities to enhance the value that we deliver to our customers,” said Dave Pistacchio, President of Optimum Lightpath. “Our connection to CENX’s New York exchange gives us the ability to quickly and easily establish Ethernet connections to high demand locations far beyond our existing footprint to the rest of the world. This is especially important as our customers, including those in the financial services sector, look to quickly create connections between various office locations and key hot spots around the globe. Further, CENX’s expertise, service translation and monitoring empower us to pursue new business opportunities as we continue to grow our business behind industry-leading services.”

“We have worked closely with Optimum Lightpath for the last several years during the development of CENX’s Carrier Ethernet exchanges,” said Nan Chen, President of CENX. “The partnership has helped shape our services, which simplify and accelerate the expansion of business communications services such as those offered by Optimum Lightpath. We are delighted to welcome them as a valuable member of our rapidly growing CENX community.”