Scott Data Center announced that it has been awarded the Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 Certification for its latest expansion plans. This is the first data center in Nebraska to receive this certification.

The Uptime Institute conducted an independent third party review of Scott Data Center’s design drawings which includes the addition of 20 megawatts of power and cooling capability to its existing infrastructure. With this expansion, Scott Data Center will be able to power and cool server densities exceeding 200 watts per square foot across its entire raised floor environment.

“Verification by this independent group validates that our Tier objective has been reached” said Ken Moreano, executive director of Scott Data Center. “This certification ensures that Scott Data Center has met the scrutiny of a third party expert in order to receive the Tier 3 classification.”

The Uptime Institute assesses data center reliability through a tiered ranking system. Tier 3 certification, which Scott Data Center has been awarded, is obtained when multiple power and cooling paths are added and a large stride in reducing downtime has occurred.

“Scott Technology’s investment in Tier 3 Certification of the Omaha site further confirms their commitment to providing high availability to their customers,” said Julian Kudritzki, vice president of the Uptime Institute. “Tier 3 Certification will significantly differentiate Scott Data Center from ‘self-certifications’-as in our experience, the majority of ‘self-certifications’ are inaccurate, and sometimes off by two Tiers,” Kudritzki added.