Degree Controls, Inc. (DegreeC) is offering a free one hour thermal review of products. Whether the product is in the design phase, prototype phase, or in full production, Degree Controls will review a product and validate the present thermal design or offer suggestions for improvement. The company can review any level of product from components, to PCBs, to sub-assemblies or complete systems, including:
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial electronics
  • Information technology
  • Transportation
Degree Controls' experienced thermal engineering staff can review actual products or drawings, simulation results, and/or empirical data to determine the effectiveness of a product's thermal solution. Utilizing multiple CFD programs and the latest measurement tools in our laboratories, Degree Controls has the capability to model and verify simulation results to ensure your equipment will perform as expected when deployed in the field. Some examples of typical projects are:
  • Heat sink design and analysis
  • Determination of airflow requirements
  • Selection and placement of fans
  • Board design and layout for optimal component cooling
  • Investigation and remediation of failure scenarios
  • Validation testing of your design
  • Feasibility study for product upgrades using denser electronics