i/o Data Centers ("i/o") has announced the opening of its 221,000-sq-ft modular data center factory in Phoenix to produce its i/o ANYWHERE fully integrated data center modules. The i/o factory's initial capacity allows for up to 18 MW of data center modules per month. The first i/o ANYWHERE modules are slated to roll off the assembly line in the first half of 2011 to fulfill existing orders.

i/o's data centers and modular systems are used to create and operate largest-scale and "always-on" private and public clouds, enterprise data centers, Web properties and other mission-critical IT environments. With i/o ANYWHERE, customers now have the option to deploy these modules to any of their own IT sites and maintain them with their own i/o-trained and certified staff.

i/o ANYWHERE data center modules include 100% of the critical infrastructure required for an always-on data center, and are built on an architecture that can scale to tens of megawatts of uninterruptible power and thousands of cabinets in a single deployment.

At the foundation of i/o ANYWHERE is the i/o OS operating system. The fully integrated data center monitoring, alarming, remote control and management system provides real-time information on the critical service infrastructure. Enterprises use i/o OS to integrate the power and energy recovery layer into their IT stack.

"We have seen incredible demand for i/o ANYWHERE from all types of users, as no other way of deploying data center capacity can match its quality and scalability," said George D. Slessman, CEO of i/o. Slessman added, "Our customers no longer have to deal with a disjointed series of data center acquisitions and construction projects in order to create data center capacity. i/o ANYWHERE delivers enterprise data center capacity whenever and wherever our customers need it."

i/o ANYWHERE modules can be configured, delivered and operational in a matter of weeks due to i/o's direct control over design, manufacturing, installation and operations – resulting in faster time-to-market and lower operating costs for its customers. The opening of the i/o ANYWHERE factory means that today any data center can be transformed into a more flexible and scalable asset, the lifecycle of current infrastructure can be extended, and users of all sizes can reduce their total cost of ownership.