Sentilla Corporation, a provider of energy management solutions for data centers, has released a new version of Sentilla Energy Manager, which now provides open interfaces to integrate with the SAP Carbon Impact solution and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software. The integration provides comprehensive visibility into energy performance and forecasting, capacity planning, service optimization and carbon reduction for the data center. Sentilla Energy Manager monitors and manages energy consumption in the data center, then populates SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with energy usage information, enabling decision makers to quickly address critical areas within the data center that have the highest return on energy optimization strategies.

With the integration of Sentilla Energy Manager and SAP Carbon Impact, data center managers can perform analysis and reporting on each data center project or critical area, identifying opportunities to reduce costs and increase performance to provide high ROI while reducing carbon impact. Using Sentilla Energy Manager with SAP solutions for sustainability provides both data center efficiency analysis along with energy and carbon reporting of data center projects; the result enables enterprise data centers to reduce energy, increase capacity, optimize asset utilization, increase services and reduce carbon emissions.

Sentilla’s energy management solution integrated with SAP business software makes it possible for companies with data centers to treat IT as a sustainable service,” said Mike Kaul, chief executive officer of Sentilla. “By obtaining an accurate baseline of the energy and performance of each service, enterprise data center managers can spotlight the best optimization strategies for asset utilization, reducing excess and more accurately forecasting resource requirements.”

Sentilla has deployed a prototype of Sentilla Energy Manager integrated with SAP solutions at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto, CA. The global SAP Co-Innovation Lab network is a globally distributed set of teams and lab facilities aimed at driving and facilitating innovative projects between SAP and its ecosystem. The deployment in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab shows how Sentilla Energy Manager delivers the granular visibility for gaining the insight required to measure the power consumption profile of the entire data center, while SAP Business Objects Explorer and SAP Carbon Impact further ensures that the enterprise can analyze and identify the best possible outcomes for project planning, resource usage optimization, and carbon mission reduction.

Sentilla will be participating in both upcoming SAP TechEd 2010 conferences: October 12-14 in Berlin, Germany, and October 18-22 in Las Vegas, Nev. Timo Stelzer, vice president of Green IT at SAP, will co-present with Sentilla’s chief technology officer and co-founder Dr. Joe Polastre in Berlin and with Sentilla’s senior vice president of Business Development Eddie White in Las Vegas: “Why Sustainability is IT’s Next Big Thing.” Details on the sessions can be found at the SAP TechEd website.