Multistack has earned California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Pre-Approval Certification for its MS modular chillers. Units that have passed the rigorous testing procedure include the MS10X, MS15X, MS20X, MS30X, MS50X, MS70X, MS105X, MS135X, MS145X, MS165Xm and the MS80T.

By achieving this certification, Multistack MS Modular water-cooled chillers are in compliance with ASCE 7-05 Chapter 13, ensuring safety and security for patients and employees. The testing involved in meeting these standards is considered to be the most rigorous in the United States, and is viewed by many as the default standard for products used in healthcare, educational and civic institutions.

Mark Platt, Multistack president and CEO said, "The completion of the OSHPD certification process is in line with the continual investment we make in our product offerings. It's what our customers expect of us and it's what they deserve- industry leading technology that provides the highest reliability under the harshest circumstance."

Module performance was tested and confirmed in the Multistack Sparta, WI, facility with Dr. Ahmad Itani, DCL structural engineer and licensed California SE witnessing the test procedures. To implement the test procedure, Dynamic Certification Laboratory personnel inspected the Multistack units, filled the headers with water and weighed the modules. Each module was then tested by bolting the frame to the DCL-fabricated test frame and subject to Resonance Search Tests (RST) for triaxial white-noise and low-level peak input.

Next, the Seismic Simulation Tests (SST) was performed to subject the modules to triaxial base excitations that comply with the RRS defined worst-case parameters. The SST lasts for 30 s with maximum peak ground acceleration reaching 1.45 g. At the completion of these testing procedures a visual inspection takes place and DCL personnel verify operational/energized components by applying current and starting each compressor.

The Multistack MS modular line includes the dual compressor units, our recently developed dual tandem compressor models and the MagLev equipped modular chiller line. Applicable dedicated heat recovery chiller modules will also be covered by this certification.