Data Center Pulse has added Eddie Schutter to the Board of Directors as the Local Chapter Strategy & Operational Director responsible for end user community development.

Eddie is currently the Senior Technical Director of Data Center Architecture & Planning for AT&T. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Data Center Pulse board. Over his 15 year IT career he has operated some of the largest data center portfolios in the United States. He has been actively involved in almost every major data center industry group. Currently he is representing AT&T on the Advisory Council of the Green Grid. He is also the co-chair of the Green Grid Data Center Design Guide technical forum.

Eddie was one of our earliest DCP members and has been actively supporting the DCP work for almost two years.", said Dean Nelson, chairman and founder of Data Center Pulse. "We are very pleased to have Eddie join the board. His experience will accelerate our efforts on numerous fronts, including the development of our local chapter strategy.

The Data Center Pulse core membership has reached 1,580 people in 62 countries representing almost 100 different industries. The Data Center Pulse: INDUSTRY group has also broken 1,500 members. The interest level is increasing and the timing is right to focus on local issues and support the groundswell of interest from our membership. In late April Data Center Pulse established its first two local US DCP chapters: one in Salt Lake City, and one in Phoenix. Fifteen different companies attended the initial kickoff meetings for these two chapters and represented over 100 MW of current and future data center power consumption in those states. These individuals have great economic and ecological responsibilities and are motivated to collaborate and share.

Eddie will be responsible for establishing the bylaws, governance and operating models of the local chapters to maximize their effectiveness and their contributions to DCP's global efforts.

Eddie recently articulated his motivation for accepting the DCP board position. "There are plenty of opportunities to join organizations that will entertain you at conferences and present yesterday's 'white paper' news. DC Pulse is different. It is a gathering of end users who want to make a difference in our industry, share their experiences and concerns, and produce relevant solutions and practices that will advance the data center industry. I look forward to participating in the evolution of this organization and the contributions to the industry it will provide."

Data Center Pulse has the ability to reach a significant population of Data Center customers ranging from a single rack to some of the largest Data Centers in the world. DCP continues to search for candidates to fill the remaining board positions as well as participation in the Industry Alignment Board (IAB) and the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). To become a Data Center Pulse Member,click here.