Fujitsu published a 24-page white paper, Green IT: The Global Benchmark  examining green data center practices and attitudes in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and India. This paper contains the findings of the first ever multi-country benchmark to determine the maturity of Green IT practices and technologies in end user organizations. It utilizes a unique methodology to quantify Green IT implementation across the many different components and industry sectors to provide detailed insights. 

It is based on detailed research of over 630 CIOs and senior IT managers across those four countries. The research methodology allows the implementation of Green IT to be quantified and compared, between countries and between industry sectors.

Fijitsu found that the overall Green IT Maturity level is low and the index across all industries in all countries is 56.4 (out of 100). The most significant finding is the relative lack of maturity of Green IT policies, practices and technologies – in every industry sector in every country.

According to the study, the best performing country of the four surveyed is the United Kingdom, with on overall Green IT Readiness Index of 61.0.The United States of America (58.6) rates slightly behind the United Kingdom, a function of the relative sophistication of IT usage in that country. Followed by Australia (53.9) (let down by its low level of measurement) and India (52.0) (where end user Green IT is not widely implemented).


This paper identifies the UK as the leading country for Green IT maturity, a possible reflection of the increased awareness resulting from the regulation in their market place. The leading industry sector, perhaps unsurprisingly, is IT/Communications/Media. This industry now has a responsibility to effectively communicate to the broader market place the benefits that can be gained from increased Green IT maturity.

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