DOE is partnering with industry to develop a Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) program to accelerate energy savings in the dynamic and energy-intensive marketplace of data centers. The program will take place February 28 and March 1 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, during the Green Grid’s annual technical forum.

The DCEP program is being defined, designed, and implemented by working closely with industry stakeholders. DOE has set a goal to have at least 200 practitioners by 2011. Significant knowledge, training, and skills are required to perform accurate energy assessments in data centers. DCEPs will:
  • Be qualified to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in data centers
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of DOE's DC Pro software tool suite
  • Address energy opportunities in electrical systems, air management, HVAC, IT equipment, and on-site generation
  • Receive training on conducting data center assessments
  • Be required to pass an exam and be re-qualified every two to three years.
For more information on the program, visit the DOEwebsite.