The Raritan PX1000 metered PDU with environmental monitoring and other advanced, intelligent features built right including:
  • Continuous and accurate kWh metering
  • Circuit breaker monitoring
  • Easy plug-and-play environmental monitoring
  • High maximum operating temperature (140° F/60° C)
Now through the end of 2010, if you purchase one or more of Raritan’s new metered iPDUs, you’ll receive a temperature sensor at no cost – a $59 value – for every unit you buy. Just install the iPDU, plug the sensor in and you’ll be able to start monitoring rack temperatures right away.

The iPDUs work with Raritan’s energy management software solution. Combined with Raritan’s Power IQ, PX-1000 metered iPDUs provide you with the ability to analyze the device-level power data collected by Raritan and third-party PDUs – including APC. This information is vital for capacity planning, tracking energy consumption changes, and reporting energy costs to internal departments or customers.