TELADATA has announced that its 2011 Technology Convergence Conference will feature three discussions sponsored by the Critical Facilities Roundtable (CFRT).

Bill Dunckel, senior project manager at PG&E, will lead a session titled Forsythe Data Center Environmental Monitoring and PUE Measurement Challenges. The session will feature a tutorial on the fundamentals of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and the measurement of PUE in real-time using environmental-monitoring software. During the session, Bill will be joined by Phil Reese, faculty and research manager at Stanford University, who will discuss the real-time PUE monitoring software that was installed at Stanford.

Attendees will also learn strategies for managing rapid technological change in data center infrastructure. In a discussion titled Data Center Networking Best Practices: Why IPv6 Matters, Eric Stromberg, vice president of Search Engineering Services at Yahoo!, will be joined by Richard Donaldson, CEO of Cool(IQ), to discuss how the transition to IPv6 will impact both the data center managers and the entire enterprise. The discussion will cover networking best practices and evaluation of vendors.

Lastly, participants will learn the benefits of modular cooling. In a roundtable titled Strategic Modularity: Case Studies in Flexible Infrastructure and Power Densities, Mangus Herrlin, president of ANCIS Incorporated, will be joined by Sam MacCrane, Product Manager at Chil-Pak, to discuss case studies that highlight the strategic value of modular cooling solutions for the mission critical space.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with TELADATA for this end-user focused conference,” said Bruce Myatt, founder of CFRT and Director of Mission Critical Facilities at M+W Group. “Our selection of roundtable discussions has something for everyone - whether you manage power, cooling, IT or networking infrastructure.”

The 2011 Technology Convergence Conference will be held February 23rd at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The Technology Convergence Conference focuses on providing an environment where IT, facilities, telecommunications and other technology professionals can assemble to exchange ideas and best practices relating to the latest technologies in data centers, telecommunications, building management systems and security. Expert speakers offer delegates critical information and in-the-trenches tactics to address key issues affecting their facilities today.