Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) has announced the integration of its Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) into key pieces of the company’s energy distribution portfolio. PDI’s Branch Circuit Monitoring System is designed to give power network managers the ability to monitor the electrical current usage of individual branch circuits in the data center.

As part of this announcement, PDI will deliver tighter integration points between BCMS and the company’s flagship PowerWave Bus System. Architected specifically for data center applications, PowerWave is a flexible overhead power distribution system that minimizes costs and eases coordination for computer server adds and changes.

“Early on, we recognized that for companies to effectively manage energy consumption in the data center, they needed complete accuracy and timeliness of operational statistics across their power infrastructures. In other words, to effectively manage energy, you must be able to monitor it first,” said Tim Cortes, chief technology officer at PDI. “By integrating BCMS capabilities into PowerWave, we’re helping customers maximize energy efficiency and reduce power costs throughout their data facilities.”

Core to BCMS is the ability to monitor power as part of an on-site system or via remote access through the Internet. Each BCMS module monitors and provides data for up to 84 branch breakers. In addition, the product offers industry-leading scalability, as distribution panels can be wired in a “daisy chain” or “star” network. Through PDI’s WaveStar STS-PDU-RPP system, managers can now view all downstream BCMS devices, allowing for unified management of the entire distribution center.

Continued Cortes, “BCMS offers levels of power monitoring that no other vendor can match. Today’s announcement takes this powerful solution one step further, enabling us to tightly integrate BCMS with our premier overhead power distribution system. The end result is an unprecedented level of cost savings for our customers worldwide.”

Dave Mulholland, vice president of marketing for PDI, states, "PDI will continue in 2011 to expand the use of the patented BCMS technology to offer monitoring products for commercial, industrial, and residential customers and enable them to monitor and manage their power usage. PDI has included this technology for the PowerWave Bus System and the Icon Modular Datacenter product lines released in 2010. For both of these products and the entire product line, PDI's Branch Circuit system offers the customer an efficient means with which to monitor the increasingly dense server loads on a real-time basis, over a local monitor or remotely via an IP address.”

BCMS can be used in a wide array of critical power monitoring centers. Power managers can leverage BCMS to:
  • Actively monitor down to the branch circuit level for data centers, enabling facilities managers to determine individual usage for each customer in a co-location facility.
  • Conduct predictive maintenance through real-time readings of current usage, allowing site managers to predict overload situations on individual breakers before it occurs.
BCMS can be installed as a factory-integrated device or added to existing units in the field. The solution can also be retrofitted into any manufacturer’s equipment.