The Hoyt Organization is now representing Server Farm Realty, a data-center developer based in El Segundo, CA.

Recognizing that growing demand for data centers was going unmet, SFR was launched earlier this year by Red Sea Group, an international real estate investment company that has completed more than $1 billion in real estate investments and construction.

In 2011, SFR will complete and bring to market 25,000 SF of data center space in California and 40,000 SF in the state of Washington that meets the highest standards of reliability, concurrent maintainability and energy efficiency.

Server Farm’s management team is a blend of leading innovators from the technology and commercial-development industries. They are available as interview sources and article authors on any range of data center, real estate and business topics:

Real Estate/Business

  • Prime real estate: Where are the data center hot spots?
  • Supply/demand in the domestic and global data center marketplaces
  • Data Centers: Leasing vs. owning
Data Centers
  • A buyers’ guide for large- and mid-sized companies
  • How location, weather, state/local taxes, and infrastructure impact efficiency
  • Latency: When the distance between you and your data matters
  • Hi-Fog and other advances in fire safety and data-center security
  • The importance of both operational sustainability and tier standard (topology)
  • How data center developers are trying to limit their carbon footprint
  • How does energy efficiency (PUE) create optimal maintainability?