Generac Power Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of standby and portable power generation equipment, has announced that its spark-ignited standby generators now meet the new exhaust emissions standards required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) making Generac the leading provider of green generators and natural gas/spark ignited/diesel gensets on the market.

On January 18, 2008, the EPA released a final New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for stationary spark-ignited engines which provides for manufacturers to certify that an engine meets the emission requirements. To control emissions, generating sets above 80 kilowatts (kW) electrical output require an active air-fuel ratio control combined with an exhaust catalyst, much like an automobile.

Because Generac has significant engine catalyst experience with its product offering in California, it had a considerable head-start in modifying its products to meet the new regulation. In fact, Generac was the first manufacturer to work with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to extend the Certified Emissions Program (CEP) to natural gas and propane units. Now, all Generac spark-ignited stationary gensets with power outputs from 25 kW to 300 kW are compliant with the new EPA regulations.

“Generac offers a complete lineup of EPA-compliant generators, which makes us the greenest provider of backup generators on the market,” says Allen Gillette, VP of engineering, Generac. “This marks a new era for our products, signifies a great achievement for our company and is the result of a beneficial partnership with the EPA.”

Previously, emissions for stationary generating sets were regulated by the local air districts of each state. Now the EPA emissions regulation requires compliance with the end-user. For engines uncertified by the manufacturer, product must be subjected to an on-site testing and certification process, which places a significant burden on the end-user. Utilizing a manufacturer certified engine addresses a significant portion of those responsibilities and ensures that the generator package is optimally designed and properly calibrated with the appropriate emissions control components.

Generac began manufacturing certified non-catalyst units in early January and product is available now.