“Good people are the difference between an average data center and an efficient, well-managed data center” says Peter Hannaford, chairman and CEO of Datacenterpeople. “They possess a rare blend of skills encompassing IT, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, security, network connectivity, management software, construction, and service delivery.”

Datacenterpeople is launched to help businesses recruit the very best people to ensure facilities under their control are designed and operated optimally. Drawing from a global pool of talent, Hannaford’s 40 years experience in the market provides Datacenterpeople with a considerable network which comprises those responsible for hiring as well individual candidates.

As founder of one of Europe’s first data center design and build companies, Peter Hannaford has a unique pedigree to lead this initiative. During his career, Hannaford has held a variety of positions from equipment design to facility design, from business start-up to corporate executive. Datacenterpeople is the first company in the market to offer a specialist service in finding and recruiting the best qualified and most experienced people in the industry.

“The data center market suffers generally with a skills shortage,” says Hannaford. “Good people are hard to find, as many data center managers have found to their cost. And because to date there has been an absence of recruitment specialists serving the sector, “traditional” recruitment companies submitting CVs and recommending candidates often lack the experience to judge the real capabilities of those they are putting forward. The launch of Datacenterpeople changes all that.”

With data centers becoming increasingly vital to economic success and employment, finding the right people is a challenge. Good people are essential not only to ensure robust IT services, but also to keep operating costs at a minimum. “We believe that the reputation of Datacenterpeople will be built on its ability to match skilled individuals with business needs,” says Hannaford. “Right now we are very interested in talking to data center architects, facilities managers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and those working in data center security, software, connectivity, project management, operations, and executive management.”