In a post made available on both the Geekism blog and Data Center Pulse, Dean Nelson announced the results of an unusual RFP developed by eBay to help it spark innovation in its Phoenix Modular Data Center RFP. Seven weeks ago, eBay released the Phoenix Modular Data Center RFP to the industry. 

Dean writes, "The response was even more than I had hoped for. We approved 37 company requests to participate in the RFP. That is almost 30 more than our original list. Regrettably, we had to turn away another 15 companies because they missed the window to participate. But not to worry, this is the beginning of future projects that they will be able to participate in."  Read the blog posts for more details and statistics about the companies that responded to the RFPs.  

Dean describes the proposed data center as being extreme density, multi-tier, modular, vendor agnostic and scalable, and having multi-temp air and liquid to each location, rack to container mixtures, as well as 100 percent  free cooling in Arizona year round. 

eBay received 17 official submissions. Each was ranked based on how it scored on a published scoresheet which was published on the RFP status page early in the process. Dean writes, " Last week, my team spent five solid days diving into the details of these submissions. And we made a conscious choice that each of the proposals had to stand on their own merit. What we achieved here was a very fair process that gave us six solid finalists. Today, I'm delighted to announce these finalists. Next week, each company will have two hours to present their solution and answer questions from our review board. In the meantime, we have also provided then with direct feedback on their proposals and how they scored. 

The eBay Modular Data Center RFP finalists are listed in alphabetical order. 
  1. Advanced Design Consultants, Inc. (

2. Affiliated Engineers, Inc. (

3. BKM Mission Critical Facilities (


5. DELL (

6. Elliptical Mobile Solutions (

7. Gensler (

8. Hanson Professional Services Inc. (

9. Hewlett Packard (HP CFS) (

10. Hypertect, inc. (

11. M+W U.S., Inc. – A Company of the M+W Group (

12. NOVA Corp (

13. Reliable Resources, Inc. (

14. Technology Management, Inc (