Power Loft @ Innovation is delivering a supply of move-in ready production data hall space along with additional bays that are primed for tenant fit-out.

The space features a completed bay with 1.5 MW of power. Power Loft will deliver an additional 3.0 MW to the space by 4/1/11 for a total critical load of 4.5 MW.

By design, the bays are in powered shell condition in order to provide maximum customization to the tenant(s) interested in these bays. All infrastructure and support construction is in place. Power Loft can deliver these bays as a “single secure bay” for one user, or the space can be subdivided as required by the tenant.

In the 45,741-sq-ft shell building, bays 209 to 218 present the ultimate in custom design and construction of what is effectively a separate self-contained data center, according to Power Loft. The company can provide a custom design allowing separate entry and security for this “side” of the facility providing users maximum control of its entire premises, including not only the raised floor server area but the power and cooling infrastructure. The space provides maximum flexibility in design, from utilization of containerized solutions to DC power and static UPS design in an N to 2N configuration. Users requiring as little as 5 MW of power to 15 MW of power will discover a purpose-built data center shell that is prepped and ready for speed-to-market fit-out.