Upsite Technologies will announce its all new data center cooling services, EnergyLok, at the upcoming Data Center World Expo in Las Vegas. KoldLok grommets and HotLok blanking panels, the company’s two largest industry-proven products, are now joined together with EnergyLok services to create the LOK Family of Solutions, a comprehensive set of products and services for data center cooling issues.

Electricity consumption in data centers represents approximately 1.5 percent of total national energy usage. A large portion of that power is used to cool facilities, but it is estimated that up to 40 percent of cold air does not reach its intended destination due to system inefficiencies. Upsite Technologies, using a holistic approach to data center cooling management, has developed the LOK Family of Solutions to reduce energy consumption and eliminate cold air waste in data centers.

EnergyLok offers customers complete diagnostic, analytic, consultative, and remediation services to solve airflow inefficiencies in the data center. “This enables customers to truly understand the problem areas in their facilities and make changes that will dramatically reduce their energy consumption by increasing cooling efficiency,” said Erez Borowsky, vice president of product development at Upsite.

EnergyLok services can be tailored to address the individual needs of each customer. In many cases, the LOK Family of Solutions are used together when an EnergyLok engineer recommends, through Upsite’s reseller network, strategically sealing cable cutouts in the raised floor with KoldLok grommets and employing HotLok blanking panels to stop hot exhaust circulation in IT server cabinets. Each customized service helps customers attain maximum efficiency and offers a fast return on investment from lower energy bills and reduced capital expenses.