Governor Chet Culver announced last Thursday that Microsoft Corporation will move forward with the construction of a modular datacenter in West Des Moines with the planned construction of a $100 million facility. The datacenter is expected to be up and running by spring of 2011.

The technologically advanced facility will significantly reduce water, power and carbon wastes associated with traditional datacenter facilities, while enabling a more efficient and higher utilization of computing capacity and productivity.

“This project means more good-paying jobs of the future for Iowans. We’re continuing efforts to recruit the top companies in the world to Iowa, and Microsoft fits the bill,” Governor Culver said. “Good jobs like these are magnets for other companies and for families who are looking for a great environment.” “We are grateful for the hard work Iowa’s state government and local officials in West Des Moines have completed to offer a competitive business climate for datacenter investments, and we are excited to be able to continue our investments in this region to enable the delivery of our services in the best business way for our customers,” said Kevin Timmons, General Manager of Datacenter Operations at Microsoft. The Iowa Economic Development Board approved an award to Microsoft that will prove tax benefits from the High Quality Jobs program for the creation of 25 jobs.