Red Sea Group, a global real estate investment and development company, has launched Server Farm Realty (SFR), a data center development company. Spearheading the company as president and chief executive officer is Avner Papouchado, who brings nearly 20 years of real estate development experience as RSG’s North American chief executive officer.

“With the global demand for data centers growing, we’re filling the need for cutting edge facilities that not only maintain the utmost reliability and security, they limit energy costs and therefore carbon emissions,” said Papouchado. “With the backing of Red Sea’s extensive building experience, we’ve been able to assemble a team of highly experienced, well known data center experts to drive us forward. In fact, we are currently developing cutting edge data centers that will be available for occupancy as early as April 2011.”

SFR is currently developing two data centers – located in Washington state, where 10,000 SF with 2 MW of power will be ready in May 2011, and the heart of Silicon Valley, where 13,750 SF will be ready in April 2011 – and is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most innovative providers of geographically applicable data centers that offers high reliability, concurrent maintainability and energy efficiency.

SFR vice president of data center operations Robert Glavan, a 30-year innovator in the IT and data center industries, points out that the company’s data centers offer some of the collocation industry’s lowest PUE (power usage effectiveness) numbers, which reach as low as 1.2 at its Washington location using a combination of direct/indirect evaporative cooling and free cooling.

“When building data centers, Server Farm Realty is obsessed with energy efficiency, high reliability and fiber connectivity. We offer full flexibility in our data center design, build, leasing options and operations options. We are focused on three specific markets which provide the lowest power cost, extremely low latency fiber connectivity and locations with significant wholesale data center requirements,” said Glavan. “We have chosen prime locations where power is renewable, abundant and inexpensive and diverse low latency fiber is available.”

“On the reliability and fault tolerance side, each data center is built with concurrently maintainable infrastructure. The UPS system and switch gear bus/lineups are located in separate, fire rated rooms protected by Hi-Fog, the world’s leading high pressure water mist fire protection technology. There is no question that these factors play a critical role in future data center development, and we are positioned to deliver this latest technology for our clients,” he said.

The company is currently speculatively building wholesale data center space, offering complete flexibility in lease options from shell to server-ready leases and anything in between. The company is also capable of building custom solutions on an as-needed basis.