Energy experts estimate that data centers eat up as much as 3% of all electricity generated in the United States. Executives who are intent on both reducing the environmental impact and cost of their data center while finding ways to improve capacity, storage and efficiency, are looking for answers.  Corporate, non-profit and government sector executives, who are not necessarily IT professionals, must become familiar with how resource consumption within their data center affects things like electricity usage and carbon emissions.  These same executives must find ways to address the short-term financial commitment to “greening” their data center while easing the budget pressures that come along with new regulations. <p>


The Green Data Center Conference, hosted by the Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), provides industry executives with answers, tools and information that they need to navigate the seemingly complex task of “greening” their data center including everything from improving capacity, lowering energy usage and costs, to understanding the role of the facility and how to create a master plan. <p>


In the first half of 2010 GSMI presented two conferences in San Diego. As a result of their tremendous success, GSMI is proud to continue offering updated versions of GDCcon – The Green Data Center Conference & Exhibition will be expanding east beginning in October.   Conference cities will include New York (targeting the financial services sector), Atlanta and its first international location, Amsterdam. San Diego, and the three new venues will provide attendees an ideal chance to network at an executive level. <p>


In addition, GSMI’s GDCcon – The Green Data Center Conference & Exhibition always includes the unique 10 for 7 demonstration series. 10 for 7 is a new innovative showcase where 10 hand-picked sellers each present for 7 minutes on their products and innovations to interested buyers who are eager to learn about best options available in the market. <p>


Sponsors Include: Arch Rock, Brightworks, EATON, ECOS, Future Facilities, Glacial Energy, Rackwise, Raritan, Synapsense, Xiotech, and USI Corporation.