Net Access Corporation has announced the opening of its new 50,000-sq-ft data center facility in Parsippany, NJ. The company says that its new ultra-high density data center offers clients more usable power per data cabinet than any other facility in the New York metropolitan region.

Dubbed “Parsippany II,” the facility has the ability to accommodate power densities of 20kW per data cabinet compared to the industry standard 4kW to 6kW available at most other data centers. As a result, Net Access' new facility enables customers to utilize their entire cabinet, reducing the total cost per usable rack unit. It also offers customers a metered power billing model, which charges customers only for the power that they actually consume, rather than a flat price for the full capacity of a circuit.

“Our new data center uses cutting edge cooling technologies to do away with inefficient hot air/cold air aisles. This is part of what helps us offer the highest power density capability available in the region,” said Alex Rubenstein, CTO and co-founder of Net Access Corporation. “It also provides a quieter, more comfortable environment for our customers while also being environmentally friendly. We're pleased to be able to provide a more sustainable foundation for customers to build their IT infrastructure on. This enables customers to adopt the latest IT technologies now and into the future which aligns with our mantra “taking care of the customer for life.”

Net Access utilized the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly building materials and energy efficient technologies to help power the facility. With one of the lowest PUE power efficiency ratings in the region, this is among the most green data centers in the New York metropolitan area, says the company.

“This new data center combines the best of today's technology in one highly advanced space. Mitigating risk is what all data centers are designed for, and this space does it better than any other,” said Blake Ellman, CEO of Net Access. “With multi-level power redundancy and state-of-the-art security systems, our customers can rest assured that their data is safe and that the risk of outage is significantly reduced.”

The new data center is in a single-floor, single tenant building. It offers two (N+1) power systems, each of which are fully isolated from the other and housed in separate power rooms on opposite sides of the building. Dark fiber connectivity is available to major carrier hotels.

As with its other facilities in Parsippany and Cedar Knolls, Net Access provides an on-site network operations center (NOC) and multi-tier security with two-stage biometrics and man traps, paired with continuous on-site security and local and remote video surveillance. It also provides ancillary services such as customer office suites and shared conference rooms in an attached building where IT teams can meet and work off the data center floor.