Simplex Isolation Systems, manufacturers of AirBlock Data Center Systems, partitions and curtains used for hot aisle and cold aisle isolation in data centers, has developed a questionnaire on their website to help data center managers plan their cooling systems.

"The majority of data centers out there are legacy facilities," said Duane McKinnon, referring to existing data centers that need to be retrofitted for effective hot aisle/cold aisle isolation. "Whether you are going to employ hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment depends a great deal on existing infrastructure. This questionnaire takes managers step-by-step through the details so that all factors are considered."

The four-page questionnaire asks for the details of the data center infrastructure--the use of raised floors, ceiling types, the current cooling method, hot air return, fire suppression and other details. There is also a page that allows the data center manager to provide a sketch of the existing data center.

The data center manager can then fax or email the completed form to Simplex. Armed with this information, Simplex engineers can then assist the manager in designing an effective data center cooling system.

"One of the more frequent questions we get from data center managers is whether they should pursue hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment," added McKinnon. "Our answer is, that depends on your current infrastructure. This questionnaire is meant to guide them through the process of evaluating their assets."

Access the questionnaire at the Simplexwebsite.