Telx has entered into a strategic alliance with CoreLink Data Centers, a national provider of data center hosting facilities and services for the management of mission-critical business applications. The alliance augments both providers' existing service footprints and allows colocation customers of Telx and CoreLink to seamlessly expand presence in key U.S. cities.

"Telx is actively looking to enhance our data center footprint around the world by teaming with best-of-breed partners like CoreLink," said Eric Shepcaro, chief executive officer of Telx. "By forging this strategic alliance, we can offer our customers the opportunity to enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively."

Telx and CoreLink both take a carrier-neutral approach to colocation services, so customers can leverage an industry-leading choice of service providers within any location. The alliance rounds out both companies' national presence with virtually no overlap. The sales teams of Telx and CoreLink have completed comprehensive training on the other's full suite of services in each location.

"Our alliance provides an expansion path for Telx customers into regions such as Seattle, Las Vegas and suburban Chicago, while CoreLink customers can tap into new business opportunities in New York City, New Jersey, Miami, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta and three separate locations in California," said Mike Duckett, president and chief operating officer of CoreLink Data Centers. "We see synergy in Telx's approach to colocation, as we share a focus on providing connectivity-rich environments and adding value for customers by building carrier-dense ecosystems in each location."