Efficient Data Centers.com is reporting that The Green Grid is formulating two new concepts-carbon usage effectiveness (CUE) and water usage effectiveness (WUE)-to equate carbon and water to a unit of output. According to a blogpostby Jack Pouchet, director of energy initiatives for Emerson Network Power, the idea of a WUE was first introduced in a previous blogpostin 2009. The Green Grid is now expanding on the concept along with the idea of a CUE.

Both concepts build upon the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric and, according to Pouchet, “will help the industry develop a framework for reporting CO2/GHG and water in a context that relates usage to certain business parameters and/or outputs.”

Although many firms already report these levels, incorporating these metrics into a real-time energy dashboard to effectively mange energy goals.

The Green Grid is finalizing a white paper that explains the CUE and WUE concepts.