APC by Schneider Electric has published a new white paper titled, “How Data Center Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs”. Available for download from the APC website, the new document demonstrates through a series of examples, how data centres can make a significant impact on the bottom line by enabling business to respond more quickly to changing market demands.

According to the Uptime Institute (a division of the 451 Group) the market for data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) systems will grow from $500 Million in 2010 to $7.5 Billion by 2020. The challenges of higher-density computing, dynamic workloads and the need for more efficient energy consumption, will drive demand for software to enable organisations to plan, operate at low cost, and analyse systems for workflow improvement.

Uptime suggest that IT and business executives are aware that hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and operational costs can be saved through improved physical infrastructure planning, some minor system reconfiguration and by small process changes. However, only higher visibility, more control and improved automation can help deliver on the commitment of producing business value.

Holistic management capabilities available today can enable data centre professionals to maximize their capacity to control facility energy costs and to advise the business on how to utilize IT assets more effectively. By sharing key data points, historical data, and asset tracking information, and by developing the ability to charge back users, the new Planning & Implementation tools allow users to take actions based upon data centre business intelligence.

Planning & Implementation tools improve IT room allocation of power and cooling (planning), provide rapid impact analysis when a portion of the IT room fails (operations), and leverage historical data to improve future IT room performance (analysis). These three types of Planning & Implementation tools -planning, operations and analysis-are each explained in the white paper, together with the value that they collectively bring to business.

To download a copy of APC White Paper 107, “How Data Center Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs” by Torben Karup Nielsen and Dennis Bouley, visitwww.apc.com/whitepapers.