A new video is available on YouTube that shows a 60,000-pound generator set undergoing shake-table testing for International Building Code (IBC) seismic certification. The 3,250 kW generator set from MTU Onsite Energy is the largest generator set to ever be shake-table tested. The certifying test, which subjects a generator set to random seismic accelerations in three axes to simulate an earthquake, was performed by VMC Group of Bloomingdale, NJ. The MTU Onsite Energy 3,250 kW generator set operated normally after the completion of the seismic test. The generator set also won pre-approval by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for use in California healthcare facilities. MTU Onsite Energy has IBC-certified products from 30 kW to 3,250 kW.

View the videohere.