Fortress International Group has announced that its subsidiary, Total Site Solutions (TSS) has been selected as part of a team for the planning, design, and construction Administration for the State of Montana's new Enterprise System Services Center sites in Helena and Miles City, Montana. This engineering effort addressed all disciplines including civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, communications, fire protection, and security systems.

In developing this project, Montana state officials emphasized service providers capable of employing high levels of energy efficiency to meet the state's emission reduction objectives. TSS presented several energy saving free cooling options for the data center design, including the Kyoto wheel manufactured by KyotoCooling International in the Netherlands. TSS was able to calculate a life cycle cost with favorable payback for several systems, ultimately recommending the Kyoto Cooling System as the best value solution. The Montana site in Helena will be the first data center in the United States to use the ultra efficient Kyoto Energy Transfer Wheel.

Mike Boyer, assistant administrator, operations, Montana State Government, said "TSS contributed data center design experience, gained from over 2,000 data center projects, to our design team. As we considered a dozen cooling alternatives, TSS engineers performed a comprehensive cooling cost analysis, which was an important part of the decision-making process that resulted in our decision to include KyotoCooling in the design. TSS' expertise contributed to a highly successful data center project for the State of Montana."

"We are honored that TSS was selected for this significant project by the State of Montana," added Gerard Gallagher, TSS CEO and president. "Our design and engineering teams have well-developed skills related to the reduction of energy consumption in data centers, and we are constantly striving to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions, such the KyotoCooling system, to our clients in an effort to increase the cost efficiency and improve the energy efficiency of their projects. That we are the first service provider in the United States to implement a KyotoCooling system in a data center speaks to the sophistication and expertise of our team, and we are excited about moving forward with this project."