FishNet Security, a privately owned network security solutions provider, released a case study in conjunction with 1102 GRAND. The case study explains how 1102 GRAND, a Kansas City Data Center and Internet Hub, reduced FishNet Security's operating expenses by $140,000 in support of FishNet Security's SecureSkills training group.

Read case studyhere.

Barry Cooper, vice president of education services for FishNet Security, was grateful that 1102 GRAND was able to help him improve his products and save money.

"What I needed was a solution of scale. Now, we have a Remote Training Environment (RTE) that can deliver 60 different vendor courses and computer-based training with pre-recorded content delivered to customers. It is all hosted from 1102 GRAND. With the development of the RTE, the customers did not have to wait, and the company reduced its overhead by $140,000 a year. Along with decreased shipping costs, the machinery breakage costs also decreased," said Cooper.

Cooper said that he was grateful that 1102 GRAND helped him make the RTE environment a secure one.

"1102 GRAND had access controls on the elevators and the cage area. They had a coded control to get into the cage room and a key lock to our individual cage. For a security company and a security expert like me, that is meaningful," said Cooper.

Darren Bonawitz, principal of 1102 GRAND, said, "FishNet Security is a truly impressive success story, and Kansas City is fortunate to have a company of their reputation and caliber founded and headquartered here. They clearly understood 1102 GRAND's value proposition and quickly determined how to leverage our facility's infrastructure and network connectivity options to realize substantial operational savings for their organization while simultaneously improving the experience delivered to their customers."