Critical backup power systems and continuous power solutions manufacturer Active Power, Inc. received its fourth multimillion dollar order from one of the world’s largest Internet search engine providers for its high efficiency CleanSource UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems.

The UPS equipment will provide power conditioning and protection to nearly 11 megawatts of critical IT load in one of the customer’s mission critical datacenters located in the United States. Equipment will begin shipping in late 2010 with final shipment and installation to take place in early 2011.

“Once these systems are installed in early 2011, Active Power will have deployed more than 36 megawatts of UPS equipment for this strategic customer,” said Jim Clishem, president and CEO, Active Power. “Our ability to deliver reliable, cost efficient UPS systems has been broadly tested and endorsed by the customer across multiple datacenter sites. This is one of many examples of the continued market validation of our solutions across a variety of very demanding application environments.”

“We continue to see large scale enterprise and collocation datacenter providers turn to Active Power for our space and energy efficiency, high reliability, low maintenance and superior carbon footprint,” continued Clishem. “With the ever increasing cost and volume of energy consumed, our solutions contribute measurable and significant economic benefits to the most mission critical clients in the world.”

This is the fourth order from this particular customer during the last three years. The third order was received in late June 2010, totaling nine megawatts.

Active Power UPS systems have been proven to achieve 98 percent efficiency at full load and 96 percent efficiency at loads as low as 40 percent. In turn, operators can reduce datacenter energy losses and save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on their utility bills – as compared to a conventional double conversion UPS system. Active Power systems also consume approximately one half the space versus battery based UPS systems. As a result, operators can dedicate more floor space to profit generating server and data storage based applications.