Tripwire, a global provider of IT security and compliance automation solutions, announced today that it is collaborating with Terremark Worldwide to jointly offer a cloud-based log management solution with Tripwire Log Center. This joint Tripwire and Terremark collaboration will help users more easily identify events of interest in real-time to reduce the time and effort to detect and mitigate security risk.

The offering provides extremely fast availability and enablement of log aggregation and Security Event and Information Management by storing business critical data on virtual Tripwire Servers in Terremark's secure cloud environments. Tripwire and Terremark will enable customers to have on-demand access to log and compliance management files, reports, custom dashboards and online analysis tools that will significantly contribute to companies achieving and maintaining continuous compliance while reducing the need for on-premise administration, servers, storage, security risks and hassles.

There is strong initial demand for this new offering, and Terremark already supports hundreds of customers and locations and thousands of devices with the Tripwire Log Center solution and captures over 30 million events per day, on average. This solution is available for Terremark Cloud-based customers, Terremark Data Center Co-located, Managed Hosting customers and at Customer Premise locations. The solutions helps provide clear visibility into events and traffic, and enables simple, cost effective compliance reporting for PCI, NIST, HIPAA/HITEC, ISO27000, Sarbanes Oxley and other legal, compliance and privacy laws and initiatives. This solution has enabled every one of our clients to successfully pass all audit requirements for the US Government, as well as our clients in banking, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Tripwire Log Center is an intelligent log and event management solution featuring advanced capabilities, from real-time threat monitoring to integrated configuration control, which help organizations take control of threats without the costs, complexity, and protracted "time to value" typically associated with traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems.

This solution appeals to large enterprise customers and federal agencies that are moving workloads into the cloud. The scalability and fast deployment of secure cloud resources and storage ensures that changing requirements and deadlines are easily met. Cloud-based deployments can be moved to dedicated servers if necessary, but clients typically enjoy pocketing the cost savings associated with this approach.

Terremark and Tripwire's combined offering is a proven cloud-based logging service that leverages years of experience dealing with extremely large log repositories, very high EPS (event per second) feeds and a demonstrated ability to achieve total network visibility by successfully integrating multiple best-of-breed security tools and products.