The Green Grid, a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems, and Gimelec, a group of electrical manufacturers working on the development of new regulations and standards, have signed an agreement to work more collaboratively in developing measurements, metrics and specifications, and establishing best practice guidelines for data centers.

The agreement between the two parties will provide a framework to increase the effectiveness of the work done by The Green Grid and Gimelec, leading to an improvement in awareness, standards and energy efficiency within the data centre industry.

Areas of intended collaboration include:
  • Joint work on the harmonization and globalization of best practices, metrics and measurements
  • Joint engagement of French associations working in the data centre field
Andre Rouyer, liaison work group chair of The Green Grid, said, “The Green Grid is dedicated to dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of data centres in both the short and long term across the world. Across Europe there are so many different laws and requirements; Gimelec really understands the French market and through their different working groups, has a good access to international standardisation bodies such as IEC, ISO or ITU. This collaboration will allow us to look into the future of energy efficiency and help data centre managers both in France and globally.”

Alain Le Calvé, chief delegate of the Data Centre platform at the Gimelec, added, “Gimelec is a very active group in French and worldwide standardization and improvement of energy efficiency. As such I am very pleased that we are going to be working collaboratively with an organization with the global reach of The Green Grid to promote the data centre energy efficiency strategies and solutions of the future.”