Server Farm Realty is nearing completion of its new 26,900-sq-ft data center located in the heart of Santa Clara, CA.

The data center offers an engineering design that provides for some of the industry’s lowest PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratios. With an average of 1.3 PUE, the facility offers among the most cost-effective power per server pricing in Santa Clara. The facility, which is on target to meet LEED Silver requirements, will be ready for tenant occupancy in April 2011.

“While Silicon Valley is home for most of the data centers in the world, there remains a high level of unmet demand,” said Avner Papouchado, president and chief executive officer of Server Farm Realty. “By offering LEED Silver certification and top-of-the-line energy efficiency, our data center delivers a level of reliability, sustainability and cost-savings that hasn’t been readily available.”

The computing floor in the data center, which is 13,000 sq ft, is designed to be concurrently maintainable with Tier III infrastructure and N+1 redundancy. The UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system and switch gear bus/lineups are located in separate, fire rated rooms protected by Hi-Fog, a state of the art fine water misting system designed to prevent extensive damage in the case of a fire.

“SFR has intentionally installed the Hi-Fog water misting system which is new to the U.S. market. It uses 90 percent less water, penetrates to the seat of the fire faster, causes the fire to burn at lower temperatures and eliminates cross-lineup water contamination. The result is another layer of protection to our client’s data,” said Robert Glavan, SFR vice president of data center operations.