Telx, an interconnection and colocation provider in strategic North American markets, today announced that it has been selected as a colocation provider by DediPower, a UK-based managed hosting and on-demand data center company. Telx's secure, connection-rich colocation facility at 60 Hudson Street in New York City is now DediPower's primary Point of Presence (PoP) within the U.S., enabling secure, reliable delivery of on-demand cloud application and managed hosting services, including its recently launched public cloud offering, to customers in three continents.

"DediPower was in need of a Manhattan colocation facility to extend our state-side coverage and provide connectivity to our overseas customers," said Craig Martin, CEO of DediPower. "We looked for the colocation partner within the U.S. that had the most strategic locations and the largest number of service providers we could choose from to ensure reliable application and storage service delivery. Our international and North American customers can directly tap into our infrastructure on a guaranteed, high-speed connection in the 60 Hudson Street location, without going over the public Internet. The Telx solution provides our managed private cloud network the high redundancy, security and connectivity choice we require."

As a connectivity partner, Telx delivers a secure, connection-rich environment from which DediPower can offer low-latency access to its cloud applications and managed hosting network infrastructure, including its Content Delivery Network and its new Public Cloud, a solution that uses only best of breed hardware and dedicated support normally associated with private enterprise solutions. The Telx interconnection replaces the need for a public Internet connection, ensuring that DediPower's cloud services are more secure, latency is reduced, quality of service is enhanced and the number of hops is minimized.

"We are pleased to welcome DediPower to our flagship 60 Hudson Street location," said Brad Hokamp, CMO of Telx. "Telx's colocation and interconnection solutions have helped cloud and managed hosting providers like DediPower improve the reliability, security, and latency of their on-demand infrastructure through our Global Marketplace of service providers."