Peak 10 Inc., a managed services company with world-class data centers, has announced that it will be adding a 10Gb port from XO Communications to the already robust Peak 10 network. This circuit addition will further enhance Peak 10’s expansive Internet presence and will be added to Peak 10’s redundant Internet network. XO Communications, one of the nation’s largest communications service providers, will be installing the port in Peak 10 Atlanta, which will provide Peak 10 customers additional large-scale bandwidth across the company’s 10 markets.

“As our customer base expands, we continually upgrade our high-performance and fully-redundant network infrastructure,” said Jeff Biggs, the senior vice president of operations and engineering at Peak 10. “This strategy includes upgrading the capacity of our network backbone and further positioning our data centers for peering directly with each other. This peering design provides additional bandwidth to both customers and Peak 10 and allows for rapid implementations of our customers’ network requirements.”

Peak 10's network infrastructure provides customers with reliable connectivity, high performance, and includes around-the-clock monitoring, notification and reporting. In addition, each data center facility deploys multiple carrier-agnostic connections for maximum dependability and redundancy.

“Our network enhancements allow for an increase in the number of external peering relationships available to each Peak 10 market, as well as the flexibility for Peak 10 to assimilate and add data centers in both existing and future markets,” said Ronnie Frames, the director of network services for Peak 10. “They also bolster Peak 10’s already unprecedented level of customer service and allow our expert engineering team to respond to high volume Internet service requests quickly and efficiently out of our high-bandwidth peering centers. We will continue to enhance the performance and resilience of our network infrastructure.”

Peak 10’s managed IT and data center services improve performance, reliability, lower costs and maximize internal resources for customers while keeping their valuable information technology assets close to the business. The company combines its secure, private network and enterprise-class data centers with world-class engineering and support to serve market-leading companies nationwide. As a managed services leader, Peak 10 offers a wide range of technology services, including virtualization, managed hosting, and cloud-based services in a cost-efficient and reliable platform for its customers. The company owns and operates data centers in 10 key markets that include Cincinnati, Ohio; Atlanta, Ga.; Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C.; Tampa, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; Louisville, Ky.; and Richmond, Va.