Cloud Technology Partners Inc. has announced the official launch of the company and its mission to transform businesses using cloud solutions. From strategic transformational consulting to application implementation, cloudTP provides enterprises with solutions to plan and execute migration of business processes, applications and customer data to private, public, or hybrid clouds.

The company’s founder and CEO, Chris Greendale, is a highly respected industry visionary with an impressive track record of identifying and leveraging emerging technology and business transformation waves. Prior to founding cloudTP, Greendale was one of three founders of Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), a systems integrator focused on transforming applications from mainframe to client-server systems. CTP grew rapidly to over $850M in revenue and was one of the most successful IPOs of the 90’s with a market cap of over $5B. Greendale then founded the extremely successful Breakaway Solutions in 1997, an integrator focused on Internet driven e-commerce solutions. Breakaway also enjoyed an incredible IPO with a market cap of over $7B. After Breakaway, Greendale worked as a venture capitalist for seven years.

“cloudTP has entered the market at an ideal time,” said Jeff Kaplan, managing director, THINKstrategies, Inc. “Our research supports the conclusion that while the industry has fully accepted the concepts of virtualization, service oriented architectures (SOA) and utility computing-in other words cloud computing-the sheer number of choices, combined with confusion in regards to how all the pieces fit together, has hampered progress.” He continued, “Customers would prefer to work with a highly-experienced and trusted advisor, who can help plan and deploy a complete turn-key solution.”

“Cloud computing is the largest IT wave I have seen in my career-by a factor,” said Greendale. “It represents a fundamental shift in the way enterprise computing is being done today and how it will be done into the foreseeable future.”

Greendale continued, “It has become clear that cloud computing significantly reduces costs, increases flexibility and responsiveness and accelerates business growth. However, the truth is that ‘getting from here-to-there’ remains a bit of a mystery for even the most technology savvy executives. cloudTP intends to change all that. Our highly experienced team will leverage our unique methodology to understand the client’s business and goals and then creates a tailored cloud strategy and a roadmap that includes a detailed transformational plan. From there, cloudTP can either execute the plan to migrate business processes, applications, and data into the cloud, or the client can continue on their own with support from cloudTP training and managed services programs, as required.”

Greendale noted, “Through equity investments from angel and strategic investors, we have ample funding to support our growth plans for 2011 and beyond. Their support has been gratifying.”

In addition to Chris Greendale, cloudTP’s founding team includes:

  • Erik Sebesta, chief architect and technology officer (experience includes Cambridge Technology Partners / Novell)
  • Jon Rounds, chief operating officer (experience includes Health Dialog, Fidelity, Citibank, and Boston Consulting Group)
  • Jim Lampert, sales and marketing (experience includes Global Green Consulting Group, StorageNetworks, eDocs, and EMC)
Greendale concluded, “We see a tremendous opportunity to lead industry transformation, and innovation using cloud solutions.”