The Critical Facilities Round Table will hold its 28th general membership meeting from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., on Friday, March 25, 2011, at 851 Buckeye Court, Mipitas, CA. The meeting will be hosted by Megawatt Consulting and XL Construction.

The meeting agenda will include discussion on how attendees can focus on and validate the attributes of a data center and how it differentiates from others. Also included will be a presentation from a development team from Reno, NV, who is putting the “total cost of ownership” to the test at a new site at The Reno Technology Park (TRTP), a 2,200 acre site to be dedicated to data center and critical facility operations.

The site, according to Megawatt Consulting, will provide the "lowest total cost of ownership anywhere in the U.S. Located in the safest natural disaster zone in the U.S. and less than a one-hour direct flight from the Bay Area, TRTP will provide all the necessary site infrastructure (power transmission and distribution, electrical substations(s), water and sewer, on site fiber conduits, “first layer” security, etc.). TRTP will benefit data center operators with significant tax advantages, providing the lowest tax expense and the lowest long-term electricity costs."

According to Megawatt, the "moderate climate supports year-around economization for compress-less cooling and annual PUEs of less than 1.1. Multiple high voltage transmission lines feed the site from different grid connections and supply sources and over 600 MWs of dedicated on-site and off-site wind, solar and natural gas generation provide the highest availability and redundancy at the lowest long-term cost. Nearly unlimited on-site water and reclaimed water and power supply allow for unlimited expansion. TRTP bisects long-haul fiber for nearly every major fiber provider."