Peak 10, Inc., a managed services company, has announced that Brown-Forman, one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies, and headquartered in Louisville, KY, will relocate its global data center and entire network to an undisclosed Peak 10 location. This move is another measured step in Brown-Forman’s corporate initiative to mitigate risk and distribute its support services globally.

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Peak 10 works closely with the North Carolina Technology Association and North Carolina’s Department of Commerce to educate companies across the country about North Carolina’s friendly business environment, low state taxes and cost-effective electrical rates, and vibrant technology community. In recent months many companies including Google, Apple, IBM, and American Express have all announced plans to locate large data centers in North Carolina.

“We conducted an exhaustive analysis of our options including renovating space on our corporate campus and building a new data center in Louisville and have concluded that Peak10’s services are suited to service our global technology infrastructure needs,” said T.J. Graven, vice president and chief information officer at Brown-Forman.

“We are proud Brown-Forman selected Peak 10 over a number of other national service providers,” said Jeff Spalding, the executive vice president of market operations for Peak 10. “The enterprise-class services we offer out of our facilities combined with our seasoned IT experts enabled us to deliver a customized solution to Brown-Forman with a focus on performance, reliability and scalability on a global level.”