Upsite Technologies has announced three strategic measures to improve the company’s business model. Included are the addition of a new president to Upsite’s leadership team, the closure of the Dallas sales office, and the implementation of a Product Council. These changes were approved by the Board of Directors to make the company more interactive with and responsive to the marketplace.

Upsite Technologies’ new president, Ken Sowards, brings over 20 years of successful experience in start-up and small business management along with a proven ability to reposition businesses for strong future growth. His first steps to leading Upsite into a brighter future will include aligning internal resources with the needs of the marketplace. As part of this, the company will close the Dallas sales office on December 31 and centralize both customer service and sales in Albuquerque.

One of Sowards’ key goals at Upsite is to improve interaction and responsiveness of the company to its market. As the company strives to develop products that meet the needs of customers in mission critical facilities, it will solicit input and participation from top customers, end users, and technical resources through a Product Council. “We see this as a significant change that will enable Upsite to garner the insight needed to develop products that make us a trusted market leader,” said Sowards.

The internal restructuring efforts and newly formed Product Council will also be instrumental in accelerating the rate at which Upsite is able to bring new products and services to the market, another goal given by the Board to Sowards. In 2011, Upsite would like to introduce at least two new products to round out and expand existing lines. The company is also beginning to focus on the development of entirely new product lines.