Dectron Inc. introduces the DRY-O-TRON DK/RK Series, an energy-efficient makeup air dehumidifier system for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

The DK (indoor) RK (rooftop) Series offers the HVAC industry's largest selection of standard and optional features aimed at reducing energy costs of outdoor air compliances of ASHRAE Standard-62 indoor air quality (IAQ) standards. Features such as gas-phase air purification, electronically commutated (EC) motors, several energy recovery method options, digital scroll compressor technology, and nearly every other available cutting-edge HVAC technology offers engineers a multitude of choices when specifying a custom-manufactured makeup air system.

For example, ASHRAE Standard 62's new IAQ Procedure (IAQP) option allows a reduction of outdoor air when gaseous air-cleaning devices are incorporated, such as the RK/DK Series gas-phase air purification module supplied in-house by Dectron's Circul-Aire subsidiary.

The DK/RK Series offers a complete selection of energy recovery methodologies to assure both relative humidity and temperature set point precision. It employs variable hot gas reheat, electronic hot gas bypass, variable heat (for heat pump options) and digital scroll compressor technologies. Additional precision is ensured by onsite or remote monitoring and/or controlling with Dectron's proprietary 16-bit microprocessor, the Supervisaire®, which is compatible with all building automation system protocols.

Exhaust energy recovery also offers a variety of methods including enthalpy wheels, heat pipes, and plate-type technologies to reduce heating and cooling energy requirements.

Direct drive plenum or plug fans with a choice of either variable frequency drives or EC motors increase efficiencies up to 14 percent more versus conventional motors and belt drives.

Other features include:
  • A 60-point quality control inspection under full load and design conditions in the HVAC industry's most advanced in-house test lab.
  • Rooftop model amenities of two-inch foam insulation, four-coat paint process, hinged access doors with vinyl compression gaskets and cam latches and stainless steel hardware.
  • A choice of three environmentally-friendly refrigerants-- R-134a, R-407C or R-410A.
  • Blower/motor assemblies combined with digital scroll compressors make the DK/RK Series one of the quietest operating units in the industry.