EDSA, a developer of power analytics solutions for the design, simulation, and optimization of complex electrical power systems, today announced that it has been awarded the foundational patent for software technologies used throughout its Paladin family of Power Analytics software, and four other patents. Together, EDSA has been awarded a total of 12 patents in this year.

Titled, “Systems And Methods For Real-Time System Monitoring And Predictive Analysis,” the new foundational patent recognizes the uniqueness of EDSA’s model-based power systems modeling and diagnostics methodology in helping to increase the reliability and energy efficiency of mission-critical electrical infrastructure. This methodology is the core innovation around which all of EDSA’s power analytics solutions – and 11 previous patents issued throughout 2010 -- are based; hence, it’s being deemed a “foundational” patent. The other new patents are for systems and methods for:
  • Determining protective device clearing times used for providing real-time predictions about arc flash events.
  • Predictive monitoring including real-time strength and security analysis in an electrical power distribution system
  • Real-time protective device evaluation in an electrical power distribution system
  • Real-time dynamic simulation of uninterruptible power supply solutions and their control logic systems
Together, these patents help to increase the reliability, energy efficiency, and safety associated with high-voltage electrical power infrastructure. In doing so Paladin products enable customers to ensure that their facilities operate as fail-safely as possible. As examples, EDSA’s customers include some of the world’s largest financial data centers; leading e-commerce websites; public utilities; FAA facilities, and other government operations.

The Paladin family of products helps organizations ensure that their electrical power infrastructure is optimally-designed (Paladin DesignBase), performs precisely as intended in terms of reliability and energy efficiency (Paladin Live), and operates flawlessly as organizations make real-time transitions between public and on-premise power sources (Paladin SmartGrid). By continually calibrating operating conditions with the original, as-designed CAD model – the methodology for which the patent was awarded – the Paladin platform is the only real-time power analytics solution for diagnosing electrical power problems or energy inefficiencies at their earliest stages. EDSA coined the term “Power Analytics” to describe this process – the term now widely-used throughout the mission-critical facilities industry.

“We are exceedingly proud that the U.S. Patent Office has recognized the innovation and years of development effort that have gone into our Paladin family of software products,” said Mark A. Ascolese, chairman and CEO of EDSA. “By awarding a foundational patent for our technology, the Patent Office is affirming that we have developed a fundamentally different approach to the management of power and energy that supersedes traditional methodologies. In the course this development effort, Power Analytics has matured from a futuristic scientific technology, to something that brings greater security to anyone who flies on an airplane, uses a credit card, or shops on-line.”

Ascolese went on to say, “These patents -- plus another 16 yet to be issued – provide the technological foundation that enables EDSA to offer valuable, unique benefits to our customers such as giving them the ability to view electrical infrastructure as a ‘network;’ to perform “what if” scenarios on their electrical network in real time; to extract data from any data acquisition engine or building management system; and turn their electrical liability into an asset.”