Digital Realty Trust, Inc. conducted an energy efficiency audit of its San Francisco and Silicon Valley properties that confirms that its energy-efficiency initiatives are producing significant cost savings for its customers. The analysis of energy efficiency across all of Digital Realty Trust's Bay Area Turn-Key Datacenters determined the following:

    Overall IT Capacity of
     Datacenters                       		20,850 kW
    Total Utility Draw               		18,060 kW
    Current Utilization by
     Customers                         		11,236 kW
    Current Utilization Rate    		53 percent
    PUE Rating                          		1.6
    Estimated Power Savings          	10,000 kW annually
    -----------------------         			 ------------------
    Estimated Cost Savings                 $6-10 million annually
    ----------------------               		  ----------------------

"This is industry-leading energy efficiency for such a large IT load 
over so many properties, especially when you take into account that 
customers are only at 53 percent utilization," said Jim Smith, CTO of 
Digital Realty Trust. "The industry average for datacenter PUE is in the
 2.5 range. A PUE of 1.6 is outstanding, and is a tribute to the 
effectiveness of our energy efficiency and sustainability program. 
Compared to industry averages, these Turn-Key Datacenters are saving an 
estimated 10,000 kW a year in electricity usage, which translates into 
millions of dollars of estimated cost savings for our customers 

The datacenter facilities surveyed in this audit utilize a wide range of energy efficiency technologies and best practices, including:

  • Variable frequency drives on fans, pumps and chillers
  • Outside air economization with differential enthalpy control
  • Higher operating temperatures in the datacenters
  • LEED Platinum buildings
  • PowerVu monitoring software
  • Hot and cold aisle containment

Smith added: "This level of performance is a testament to the willingness of our customers to capitalize on the benefits of our integrated energy efficiency strategy. Through the free flow of information between our design, construction and operational teams, we have been able to adopt, perfect and deploy new best practices across our global portfolio of datacenter properties. Continually optimizing our processes and procedures for energy efficiency delivers tangible benefits for our customers, as reflected in the estimated cost savings achieved in our San Francisco and Silicon Valley properties."